We are Back on, Website Being Hacked

Hacking is a familiar word to everyone now, I guess. But it just never occurred to us that our website could be a victim until it was hacked last Friday. So for the last few days, we’ve been working our asses off putting the website back online. Well, now it’s partly done. Still quite a lot to work on.

We still couldn’t comprehend the reasons why our website, a wedding photography website was targeted by any hacker. Our tech guy suspected it was the theme and plugins that we were using. His suggestion to prevent this happening again, is to choose from the themes and plugins that were listed on wordpress.org and update the website whenever a new update is available.

There are so many beautiful themes and great plugins out there but be cautious when you make your choice. Hopefully it will never happen to you. It was just a lot of mess and a lot of work and a lot of consequences.


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